About The Brand

"As a child, there were no toys for play time; therefore I had to create something to keep me entertained. Before I ever understood the concept of creativity it was just natural for me."


I wanted a brand that introduced quality into my community and culture. The styles that are prominent in Black Culture and Fashion have been categorized as "Ghetto Gold" and are cheaply made full of metals and toxins. Fine jewelry doesn't cater to these styles and come at a much heavier price point. As a creative, I needed to find a way around these barriers and began to learn about Gold Filled Jewelry. This process not only makes the jewelry more sustainable and less toxic, but also more affordable. I believe everyone deserves access to quality of life in all aspects regardless of class difference. I hope that the message and designs speak to your heart and your personal style. Because here at Serenityy The Brand, we believe you deserve nice things.