"The First Date"

"I could love you so easily, a stranger when we met, but now you're the most important thing to me. A smile so devious I'm intrigued by your voice so deep, yet gentle please tell me...is it full of lies?"

"No surprise if it was aren't they all? The more you lick your lips the harder I fall. A simple conversation has provided more stimulation than penetration ever has though I still look forward to yours..look into my eyes when you speak to me so profound your words trickle down my spine like a thief in the night."

" Your hands graze me so subtle, yet strong enough to cause waves I'm sitting in an ocean wet from your knowledge, your personality, your sense of humor. This is pure seduction.."

" I let my guard down..I've been captured but if this is prison give me life throw away the key do not look for me because as long as he comes for me I am in perfect company. How could this be? A stranger when we met, but now you're a King to me."

-The First Date

By Serenityy The Poet

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