A Breath In A Garden

A Breath In A Garden

“Windchimes on every branch, carry my pain away with the wind as it blows there’s a tune soft and slow.. Birds fly east, birds fly west, their soft chirps sweep across my chest. I smell flowers..lilac and roses. They are poised oh so perfect glistening in the sun, sunlight beams and it gleams over all these beautiful things, I feel peace...I can breathe, hear the trees weeping willows hang low sweeping the pond.

A cascading waterfall.. I can hear every drop, droplets falling slowly as if they hold me I can feel them. Concealing feelings, vivid daydreaming wrapped in the sweet aroma of jasmine surround me, I’m covered in bliss. What feeling is this?

How can I exist with such beauty at my tips, what a marvel it is. I took time to breathe today, to sit with the trees and marvel at their shades of green. The shades of pink and lavender, the rhythm of the water, the hues of the sky, the scent of nature, its ever growing, free flowing bushes. No sense of direction, its only intention is to grow.

Thank you for this lesson of life, lending me a little peace of mind, a message that says life is divine, just please take some time to open your eyes...and breathe.”


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